Thiago Mastra took his first steps toward music when he was very young. At the age of seven he awakened the attention of his family and friends by participating in viola circles in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with his charism and talent. Then he just started having music lessons and quickly learned to play flute and guitar, in São Caetano do Sul / SP.
Since then he realized that music is his great passion and jumped headlong into it.

At twelve, he began to perform, singing and playing the guitar at sertanejo musical events, birthday parties and friends gatherings. At the age of sixteen, he formed a band that used to perform in concerts and nightclubs. Currently, at the age of 20, he is already on his third album.
The professionalisation of his career came up with his first first album: “Zuando e Curtindo na Balada”. For this album, he composed 14 original songs. In a short period of time, the song “Zueira e Curtição” was a boom on the radios in Rio de Janeiro countryside and the video clip reached thousands of views, becoming a hit on the internet.

As a result of enormous dedication, the second album of the singer, Nosso Mundo, represented a landmark in his career. With a contagious blend of sertanejo and electronic, the song “Como que eu posso” became a hit, along with “Mulher Sucesso” and “Louco de Paixão”, leading the singer to participate in important moments of Brazilian television. Containing 13 tracks of their own composition, 11 of them unpublished, the album bet on romantic lyrics and ballad rhythms, influenced by reggae, electronic, American country, without leaving behind the sertanejo roots.

Currently, Thiago Mastra is going through a new moment in his musical journey, with the release of his newest album, Idas e Vindas. With 17 songs, 15 are the singer’s compositions, the CD brings a mix of rhythms, which goes from the romantic to the sound of ballads. The video clip of his new song – “Tá Lindo” – took place in Cabo Frio and Araruama – Região dos Lagos, in Rio de Janeiro. This song is the great bet of the album for 2017. The launch brings as a novelty the distribution of songs on digital platforms and also in several physical stores throughout Brazil by Radar Record`s.

In his presentations, in addition to singing his own compositions, Thiago Mastra also interprets the successes of great artists, thus showing all his versatility and providing the audience with an unforgettable moment, with much joy.